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This collection has been kindly presented by Roy Stockdill

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Feeding the geese and hens at Hanging Royd Golcar

Mrs Molly Stockdill feeding the geese and hens at Hanging Royd in the 1940s. The other woman was a friend of hers from Wellhouse called, I think, Janey (no idea of surname).


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Three Youngsters chat on a wall at Hanging Royd, with a view of Golcar in the Backgroud.

Roy Stockdill (right) with Stephen Day (in the middle) and his little brother Ian, at Wellhouse, mid-1940s. The Day brothers were the sons of Lawrence and Connie Day who lived in the cottage next door to us.

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A civic parade of the Colne Valley UDC in the late 1940s location unknown

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Another civic parade but clearly on a different occasion. Perhaps you recognise the background?

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Councillor Leonard Stockdill, of the Colne Valley UDC, and Mrs Molly Stockdill in 1950.

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A Liberal meeting at Wellhouse in 1950,

A Liberal meeting at Wellhouse in 1950, probably in the Liberal Club which my father helped to found. He is 4th from the left, no idea who the others were (Pic Colne Valley Guardian).