Upside Down Stones


 Grave C19            Stone upside down

 Grave C89            Stone upside down

 Grave D3            Stone upside down

 Grave D12              stone upsidedown

 Grave D111            Stone upside down

 Grave D162            Stone upside down

 Grave D163            Stone upside down

 Grave D165            Stone upside down

 Grave D171            Stone upside down

 Grave D217            Stone upside down

 Grave D246            Stone upside down




Initial Stones

 Grave D10             initials only


 Grave D76            Initials only

 J. B.

 Grave D115            Initials only

J. S.  NAZE   S.

 Grave D123            Initials only

 In memory

J. A.

H. H.


 Grave D142            Initials only

 J. H.

 Grave D153            Initials only

 J. D.

 Grave D173            Initials only

 M. L.

 Grave D186            initials only

 J. W. H. T.

 Grave D190            Initials only

 J. S.


 Grave D191            Initials only

 J. A.

 Grave D194            Initials only

 J. S.

 Grave D205            Initials only

 W. S.


 Grave D214            Initials only

 J. L.

 Grave D227            Initials only

 J. S.

C. E. L.

 Grave D245            Initials only

 J. W. S.

 Grave D265            Initials only

 R. W.

 Grave D268            Initials only




Worn or unreadable stones

 Grave B41            Stone no inscription

 Grave B46            Stone no inscription

 Grave C47            WORN & BROKEN

 In affectionate remembrance of

               . Died 1880

 Grave D25              completely worn away no readable inscription.

 Grave D61            Inscription completely worn away

 Grave D78            (completely corroded unreadable)

 Grave D106            (Broken and Headstone missing)

 Grave D113            (Broken headstone missing)

 Grave D124            Broken Headstone

 Grave D125            Stone no inscription

 Grave D258            unreadable due to erosion

 Grave D264            Inscription completely worn away

 Grave D271            No inscription blank stone

 Grave D287            Inscription completely corroded away

 Grave D291            Inscription completely corroded away